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Noun1.encephalartos - any of numerous cycads of the genus Encephalartos having stout cylindrical trunks and a terminal crown of long often spiny pinnate leaves
cycad - any tropical gymnosperm of the order Cycadales; having unbranched stems with a crown of fernlike leaves
genus Encephalartos - genus of arborescent African cycads; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae
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Cycad genera either diversified in the Palaeogene (66-23 MYA), and had two diversification rate shifts, or during the Neogene (23-2.6 MYA), with four rate shifts accounting for each of the four richest genera: Cyacas, Zamia, Encephalartos and Macrozamia (Condamine et al., 2015).
Specimens include the "loneliest tree in the world", the cycad Encephalartos woodii from South Africa, and the Dombeya mauritiana tree, thought to be extinct in the wild until one was found growing in the highlands of Mauritius.
One of the rarest plants on display will be the South African Encephalartos woodii, a palm-like cycad with leathery, green leaves.
merolae en sitios donde las hojas fueron cosechadas y en poblaciones con produccion baja de semillas (Lazaro-Zermeno et al., 2011; Flores-Vazquez et al., 2012), asi como debido a alteraciones en otras cicadas como Zamia melanorrhachis, Encephalartos cycadifolius (Jacq.) Lehm., y Cycas micronesica (Raimondo & Donaldson, 2003; Lopez-Gallego, 2008; Marler, 2012).
van Staden, "Sex identification in Encephalartos natalensis (Dyer and Verdoorn) using RAPD markers," Euphytica, vol.
Dr George >Wake with plants from the succullents collection and, right, with encephalartos altensteinii from the cycads collection
In retaliation, then, Marais's niece, Dr Inez Verdoorn (81), in The Soul of the Waterberg, went and named an early gymnosperm, which her uncle had apparently been the first to discover in 1926 in a stand of ramshackle cycads, Encephalartos eugene-maraisii.
No obstante, las relaciones de reguladores evaluadas en este estudio no tuvieron efecto favorable en la induccion de embriones somaticos en las porciones de hojas, contrario a lo reportado para Encephalartos cycadifolius (Jager y van Staden, 1996), varias especies de Zamia (Chavez et al., 1992 a; Dhiman et al., 1998; Palma, 1999), y Ceratozamia (Litz et al., 1995; Chavez et al., 1998).
The order Cycadales comprises three families (Cycadaceae, Stangeriaceae and Zamiaceae), and 11 genera (Cycas, Stangeria, Bowenia, Dioon, Encephalartos, Macrozamia, Lepidozamia, Ceratozamia, Microcycas, Zamia and Chigua) (Stevenson 1992).
It is found by field edges in Wales, West England and Scotland Encephalartos altensteinii Found along the Eastern Cape, South Africa, where numbers have declined more than 30% in 50 years Wollemi Pine (Wollemia Nobilis) was found in 1994 in Wollemi National Park, Australia.
The huge Jurassic cycad, Encephalartos altensteninii (i), arrived in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, in 1775.