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 (ĕn-sĕf′ə-lə-grăf′, -ə-lō-)
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(ɛnˈsɛfələˌɡrɑːf; -ˌɡræf)
1. (Medicine) short for electroencephalograph
2. (Medicine) any other apparatus used to produce an encephalogram
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(ɛnˈsɛf ə ləˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf)

1. an encephalogram.
2. an electroencephalograph.
en•ceph`a•lo•graph′ic (-ˈgræf ɪk) adj.
en•ceph`a•log′ra•phy (-ˈlɒg rə fi) n.
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In the presence of signified death--a flat encephalograph, for instance--I would understand, react, or accept.
The final lesson, 'Ourselves', attempts to relate physics to what we know about ourselves as human beings, perhaps to see the relationship between the patterns seen on the screen of an encephalograph and our own consciousness.