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n. encefalomalacia, reblandecimiento del encéfalo.
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Three year follow-up imaging demonstrated calcification and encephalomalacia along the surgical site without evidence of tumor recurrence.
Jake had cystic encephalomalacia, which meant nearly half of his brain had been killed off before he was born.
Functional deficiencies of sulfite oxidase: Differential diagnoses in neonates presenting with intractable seizures and cystic encephalomalacia.
A small right parieto-occipital area of encephalomalacia and much larger bilateral orbitofrontal lesions were visible on CT scanning.
Recent brain magnetic resonance imaging showed high T2 and fluid-attenuated inversion recovery signal with loss of brain parenchyma, prominence of the sulci and encephalomalacia in the left paramedial frontal region, consistent with a left anterior cerebral artery stroke.
The brain CT revealed moderate hydrocephalus with several areas of encephalomalacia.
Histopathologic examination demonstrated chronic severe tubulonephropathy and acute severe encephalomalacia.
14) Ultrasonographic findings of increased echogenicity within the cerebral cortical parenchyma, basal ganglia, and thalamus or the presence of encephalomalacia were considered abnormal (15).
A focal area of encephalomalacia with moderate fibrosis, as well as perivascular reactive astrocytes and macrophages, was seen in the left cerebral hemisphere.
1961), encephalomalacia, exudative diathesis for vitamin E, polyneuritis, curled toe paralysis, perosis, impairment of food utilization for selenium (Swain, 1996).
These included three cases of agenesis of the corpus callosum, one case of interventricular hemorrhage, and one case of focal encephalomalacia.
Parenchymal dystrophic calcifications are often associated with encephalomalacia and reactive gliosis.