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n. pl. en·ceph·a·lop·a·thies
Any of various diseases of the brain.

en·ceph′a·lo·path′ic (-lə-păth′ĭk) adj.


(Pathology) relating to encephalopathy
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LGS is a rare and catastrophic, progressive encephalopathic brain disorder with childhood onset, clinically marked by impaired intellectual functioning, developmental delay, behavioral disturbances, and the presence of multiple types of seizures, including "drop attacks.
Delirium is a nonspecific neuropsychiatric disorder that occurs in medically ill patients, signifying global encephalopathic dysfunction.
Electroencephalography revealed encephalopathic changes, cranial MRI revealed signal enhancement in dorsal midbrain and periaquaductal area (Figure 1).
On electroencephalogram, she was found to have burst suppression, seen in severe anoxic damage of the brain, and diffuse encephalopathic process.
Many patients will present with some form of central nervous system (CNS) disease, including irritability, lethargy, and other nonspecific mild encephalopathic symptoms.
9% of cases (n = 25), suggestive of a diffuse encephalopathic process from drugs, alcohol, environmental toxins or other diffuse neuropathology, such as infections or metabolic issues (e.
On admission the child was shocked and encephalopathic with fever, pallor, marked jaundice, and an acidotic breathing pattern.
Early onset age, encephalopathic course, resistance to treatment and EEG findings are similar to Ohtahara syndrome (18).