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tr.v. en·chained, en·chain·ing, en·chains
To bind with or as if with chains.

en·chain′ment n.
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vb (tr)
1. to bind with chains
2. to hold fast or captivate (the attention, etc)
enˈchainment n
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1. to bind with or as if with chains; fetter: enchained by ignorance and superstition.
2. to hold fast, as the attention.
[1350–1400; < Old French]
en•chain′ment, n.
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Past participle: enchained
Gerund: enchaining

I enchain
you enchain
he/she/it enchains
we enchain
you enchain
they enchain
I enchained
you enchained
he/she/it enchained
we enchained
you enchained
they enchained
Present Continuous
I am enchaining
you are enchaining
he/she/it is enchaining
we are enchaining
you are enchaining
they are enchaining
Present Perfect
I have enchained
you have enchained
he/she/it has enchained
we have enchained
you have enchained
they have enchained
Past Continuous
I was enchaining
you were enchaining
he/she/it was enchaining
we were enchaining
you were enchaining
they were enchaining
Past Perfect
I had enchained
you had enchained
he/she/it had enchained
we had enchained
you had enchained
they had enchained
I will enchain
you will enchain
he/she/it will enchain
we will enchain
you will enchain
they will enchain
Future Perfect
I will have enchained
you will have enchained
he/she/it will have enchained
we will have enchained
you will have enchained
they will have enchained
Future Continuous
I will be enchaining
you will be enchaining
he/she/it will be enchaining
we will be enchaining
you will be enchaining
they will be enchaining
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been enchaining
you have been enchaining
he/she/it has been enchaining
we have been enchaining
you have been enchaining
they have been enchaining
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been enchaining
you will have been enchaining
he/she/it will have been enchaining
we will have been enchaining
you will have been enchaining
they will have been enchaining
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been enchaining
you had been enchaining
he/she/it had been enchaining
we had been enchaining
you had been enchaining
they had been enchaining
I would enchain
you would enchain
he/she/it would enchain
we would enchain
you would enchain
they would enchain
Past Conditional
I would have enchained
you would have enchained
he/she/it would have enchained
we would have enchained
you would have enchained
they would have enchained
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Verb1.enchain - restrain or bind with chains
restrain, confine, hold - to close within bounds, limit or hold back from movement; "This holds the local until the express passengers change trains"; "About a dozen animals were held inside the stockade"; "The illegal immigrants were held at a detention center"; "The terrorists held the journalists for ransom"
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[ɪnˈtʃeɪn] VT (frm) → encadenar
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vt (lit)in Ketten legen; to be enchained (fig)gefangen sein
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References in classic literature ?
But I lay enchained to my love for my children: desire spread this snare for me--the desire for love--that I should become the prey of my children, and lose myself in them.
Say `I will!' and all my life is enchained to yours, and all my heart is yours forever."
If now we were to try to penetrate to the soul of Quasimodo through that thick, hard rind; if we could sound the depths of that badly constructed organism; if it were granted to us to look with a torch behind those non-transparent organs to explore the shadowy interior of that opaque creature, to elucidate his obscure corners, his absurd no-thoroughfares, and suddenly to cast a vivid light upon the soul enchained at the extremity of that cave, we should, no doubt, find the unhappy Psyche in some poor, cramped, and ricketty attitude, like those prisoners beneath the Leads of Venice, who grew old bent double in a stone box which was both too low and too short for them.
After a fearful agony and a sense of something huge, bigger than the head itself, being torn out of his jaw, the sufferer, hardly able to believe in his own good luck, feels all at once that what has so long poisoned his existence and enchained his attention, exists no longer, and that he can live and think again, and take interest in other things besides his tooth.
The drama proceeded to its close, and held the spectators enchained in the customary manner.
The wild effects of the light enchained me to an examination of individual faces; and although the rapidity with which the world of light flitted before the window, prevented me from casting more than a glance upon each visage, still it seemed that, in my then peculiar mental state, I could frequently read, even in that brief interval of a glance, the history of long years.
"Take back your liberty, Thuvia of Ptarth," he cried, "and bestow it where your heart already lies enchained, and when the golden collars are clasped about your necks you will see that Kulan Tith's is the first sword to be raised in declaration of eternal friendship for the new Princess of Helium and her royal mate!"
She sat by you and talked to you--and behold, a sensitive something passed into that little twist at the corner of the mouth, and into that nervous uncertainty in the soft gray eye, which turned defect into beauty--which enchained your senses--which made your nerves thrill if she touched you by accident, and set your heart beating if you looked at the same book with her, and felt her breath on your face.
Marnoo, that all-attractive personage, having satisfied his hunger and inhaled a few whiffs from a pipe which was handed to him, launched out into an harangue which completely enchained the attention of his auditors.
He was enchained by certain superstitious impressions in regard to the dwelling which he tenanted, and whence, for many years, he had never ventured forth--in regard to an influence whose supposititious force was conveyed in terms too shadowy here to be re-stated--an influence which some peculiarities in the mere form and substance of his family mansion, had, by dint of long sufferance, he said, obtained over his spirit--an effect which the physique of the grey walls and turrets, and of the dim tarn into which they all looked down, had, at length, brought about upon the morale of his existence.
Bella sat enchained by the deep, unselfish passion of this girl or woman of her own age, courageously revealing itself in the confidence of her sympathetic perception of its truth.
His political and intellectual write-ups saw their peak of popularity during Zia's dictatorship in the 1980s, a dark chapter in Pakistan's political history which used to enchain every emerging voice.