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tr.v. en·chained, en·chain·ing, en·chains
To bind with or as if with chains.

en·chain′ment n.
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Natural rubber (NR) is poly(isoprene), a polymer essentially made by cis-1,4 repeating units with regular head-to-tail enchainment (refs.
In an early outline of the tale, Tuvo met Melko in the halls of Mandos during Melko's enchainment, and there learned "much black magic," though Tolkien struck out this last phrase (BLT I 234).
16) The scene depicted can take place before, during, or after the enchainment.
The topics include recent advances in mathematical modeling and radiocarbon chronology of the neolithisation of Europe, an ecological perspective on the Neolithic Revolution, enchantment and enchainment in later Balkan prehistory as a move toward an aesthetic of precision and geometric order, an archaeobotanical response to the secondary projects revolution model, and cattle and pig husbandry in the British Neolithic.
After the enchainment of 23 years, Zuhua can no longer walk properly because his leg muscles have worn out.
But with the prevailing chaos and absent police role, enchainment has become the norm as far as cars are concerned, since camels have long ceased to be a major means of transport.
Levinas captures a comparable dispossession but for the after-Auschwitz world: "Substitution frees the subject from ennui, that is, from the enchainment to itself, where the ego suffocates in itself due to the tautological way of identity, and ceaselessly seeks after the distraction of games and sleep in a movement that never wears out.
Yet, again, in the Israeli context, this sense of unremitting recollection detonated a particular charge, abetted by the linked visual tropes that dominated the show: circles, mirrors, and repetitions representing closed systems of ideology and behavior that deliver threat, enchainment, and ruin.
And this is the situation with us in South Sudan, where people of South has been living in absolute enchainment and has not tasted any kind of freedom for more than half century.
Tennyson displaced Columbus' enchainment to the last phase of his career, as if equating it with the terminal arrestedness of his Ulysses.
Perpetual commentary, with its basis in Enlightenment rationality, relies intentionally on the structure of argument, and the back-and-forth enchainment of claim and counter-claim, evidence and refutation, is both preserved and recoded in the gloss.