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tr.v. en·chained, en·chain·ing, en·chains
To bind with or as if with chains.

en·chain′ment n.
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Again, to avoid a tragic fatalism that emerges from not taking responsibility for being in the present (an existential 'solitude', 'bond' or 'enchainment'), we must embrace a liberatory freedom that comes from being enactive in the present (ibid: p 79, 85, 89, 90-95).
When viewed from the perspective of relationships of enchainment (see Chapman 2000), models of body parts could serve to both materialize and enact these forms of relational personhood, acting as a proxy for an original, distant, or intangible body and perhaps being understood to possess something of the fundamental essence or identity of a person (Graham 2017:50-54).
Following Marilyn Strathern's (1988: 134) concept of enchainment and Kristin Armstrong Oma's (2007) discussion of the reciprocal nature of human-livestock relations, David Orton (2010: 191) describes livestock as 'sentient property' that both embodies human relationships and creates an elaborate network of social connections across generations (cf.
Are there structural homologies between the logic of enchainment of ideas and the material techniques of enchainment in jewellery?
When the imposed self differs from the ideal self, the person feels trapped in some sort of cage; as a matter of fact, that is how the subject perceives the enchainment of his/her free will.
Everywhere that African enchainment and enslavement became the basis of societies and economies, their descendants today cannot assume the human right to breathe the air of freedom and justice.
The mourning theory is a psychological theory that the first development date back to the work of Freud, Abraham, Klein and Lagache Indeed, among psychoanalysts, the term of mourning is often used to describe the irreversible loss of a loved one, later this theory was formulated in a process to facilitate the empirical validation, this process is a phase enchainment which all constitute the approach of change.
Natural rubber (NR) is poly(isoprene), a polymer essentially made by cis-1,4 repeating units with regular head-to-tail enchainment (refs.
Thus, the enchainment of man's visionary force (symbolized by Prometheus) is a form of intellectual enslavement.
206)--or perhaps we could say, on account of Winnicott, genuine relationality--is prevented by the weight of an overbearing pathological inheritance: a 'double narcissism' that finds expression in the Manichaean enchainment of self to other that gets in the way of genuine relating.
In an early outline of the tale, Tuvo met Melko in the halls of Mandos during Melko's enchainment, and there learned "much black magic," though Tolkien struck out this last phrase (BLT I 234).
"Politics would henceforth be neither a substance nor a form but, first of all, a gesture: the very gesture of the tying and enchainment of each to each, tying each time unicities (individuals, groups, nations or peoples) that have no unity other than the unity of the (k)not ...