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1. One that delights or fascinates.
2. A sorcerer or magician.


(ɛnˈtʃæn tər, -ˈtʃɑn-)

one that enchants, esp. a sorcerer.


A male sorcerer or magician.
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Noun1.enchanter - a sorcerer or magicianenchanter - a sorcerer or magician    
necromancer, sorcerer, thaumaturge, thaumaturgist, wizard, magician - one who practices magic or sorcery
galdramaîur, töframaîur


[ɪnˈtʃɑːntəʳ] Nhechicero/a m/f


[ɪnˈtʃɑːntəʳ] nincantatore m


(inˈtʃaːnt) verb
1. to delight. I was enchanted by the children's concert.
2. to put a magic spell on. A wizard had enchanted her.
enˈchanted adjective
an enchanted castle.
enˈchanterfeminine enˈchantress noun
a person who enchants.
enˈchantment noun
1. the act of enchanting or state of being enchanted. a look of enchantment on the children's faces.
2. a magic spell.
3. charm; attraction. the enchantment (s) of a big city.
References in classic literature ?
The business of this enchanter on earth, being principally to be talked at, sung at, butted at, danced at, and flashed at with fires of various colours, he had a good deal of time on his hands.
Forgive me, fair ladies, if, through inadvertence, I have in aught offended you; for intentionally and wittingly I have never done so to any; and pray to God that he deliver me from this captivity to which some malevolent enchanter has consigned me; and should I find myself released therefrom, the favours that ye have bestowed upon me in this castle shall be held in memory by me, that I may acknowledge, recognise, and requite them as they deserve.
He was indeed as bitter an enemy to the savage authority too often exercised by husbands and fathers, over the young and lovely of the other sex, as ever knight-errant was to the barbarous power of enchanters; nay, to say truth, I have often suspected that those very enchanters with which romance everywhere abounds were in reality no other than the husbands of those days; and matrimony itself was, perhaps, the enchanted castle in which the nymphs were said to be confined.
In this world, Prince Tamino promises the Queen of the Night that he will rescue her daughter Pamina from the enchanter Sarastro.
Xar, son of Encanzo the Enchanter, King of Wizards, whose magic hasn't come in yet, rides his Snowcat into the warrior-run Badwoods (followed by an entourage of wolves, sprites and a giant called Crusher), with a plan to catch a witch and steal its magic for himself.
Both characters feel the disappointment of their respective high-ranking parents Encanzo the King Enchanter and Queen Sychorax.
En effet, les organisateurs ont pense egalement a enchanter les visiteurs les plus melomanes de la rue Aae'Schildergasse Aae' en invitant un groupe de jeunes musiciens tunisiens qui ont joue de superbes morceaux de notre patrimoine musical revisite et empreint d'une touche instrumentale relevant du gout allemand.
beaucoup moins que] Elle aurait du vivre longtemps pour nous enchanter avec ses belles photos et ses decouvertes de genie.
beaucoup moins que] Je n'avais jamais pense que le genre que je joue puisse enchanter un tel public.
There was, after all, something of Merlin in him - the enchanter and counsellor of Arthurian romance said to have strange powers of divination.
Nabokov had written about obsessive pedophilic characters before, most notably in "The Enchanter," an unpublished story he had written in Russian, and this issue lurks in the margins of some of his earlier novels as well.
The enchanter did not catch the snake in his hand You supposed that killed that snake man.