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 (ĕn-kûr′ĭj, -kŭr′-)
tr.v. en·cour·aged, en·cour·ag·ing, en·cour·ag·es
1. To inspire with hope, courage, or confidence.
2. To give support to; foster: policies designed to encourage private investment.
3. To stimulate; spur: burning the field to encourage new plant growth.

[Middle English encouragen, from Old French encoragier : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + corage, courage; see courage.]

en·cour′ag·er n.
Synonyms: encourage, cheer, embolden, hearten, inspire
These verbs mean to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to: encouraged the patient not to give up hope; cheered the contestants on; was emboldened to sing for the guests; was heartened by the test results; were inspired by their initial success to take the next step.
References in classic literature ?
There was no being displeased with such an encourager, for his admiration made him discern a likeness almost before it was possible.
The Popes have long been the patrons and preservers of art, just as our new, practical Republic is the encourager and upholder of mechanics.
She posted the larger girls at the little levers that were to cast the rocks on the assailants, the smaller were to be used more for show than any positive service they could perform, while, like any other leader, she reserved her own person, as a superintendent and encourager of the whole.
The encouragers of the first mob never intended matters should go this length, and the people in general expressed the utter detestation of this unparalleled outrage, and I wish they could be convinced what infinite hazard there is of the most terrible consequences from such demons, when they are let loose in a government where there is not constant authority at hand sufficient to suppress them.
In my time, the encouragers of modern painting were limited in number to a few noblemen and gentlemen of ancient lineage, who, in matters of taste, at least, never presumed to think for themselves.
Yes - and it is my belief that Eliza Millward and she, if not the very originators of the slanderous reports that have been propagated, were designedly the encouragers and chief disseminators of them.
Zaki a declare que l'Etat doit recourir a encourager les producteurs dans les domaines agricoles et industriels et la fourniture de services du commerce, de transports et des routes.
El-Ganzouri et Krishner, en visite actuelle en Egypte a la tete d'une importante delegation, ont notamment aborde la promotion des echanges commerciaux bilateraux, l'accroissement des investissements indiens en Egypte, en particulier a la suite des mesures adoptees par le gouvernement egyptien pour encourager les investissements locaux et etrangers dans le pays.
L'objectif aussi est d'assurer le suivi des decisions des dirigeants saoudiens pour soutenir la Tunisie dans des differents domaines et encourager les investissements saoudiens en Tunisie.
Le credit a la consommation, destine a encourager la production nationale, ne pourra etre lance qu'apres la classification des entreprises par les ministeres du Commerce et de l'Industrie.
La reunion a examine un certain nombre de questions relatives a la creation d'un environnement convenable pour l'investissement ainsi que les politiques adoptees par le gouvernement de l'Etat visant a encourager les investissements et l'accueil des investisseurs dans tous les domaines.
Il a en outre appele les forces et partis politiques a soutenir l'investissement dans la Bourse egyptienne, que ce soit a travers des initiatives visant a encourager l'entree d'investisseurs ou coter des compagnies dans la Bourse.