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intr.v. en·croached, en·croach·ing, en·croach·es
1. To take another's possessions or rights gradually or stealthily: encroach on a neighbor's land.
2. To advance beyond proper or former limits: desert encroaching upon grassland.
3. Football To commit encroachment.

[Middle English encrochen, to seize illegally, from Old French encrochier, to seize : en-, in; see en-1 + croc, hook (of Germanic origin).]

en·croach′er n.
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Adj.1.encroaching - gradually intrusive without right or permissionencroaching - gradually intrusive without right or permission; "we moved back from the encroaching tide"; "invasive tourists"; "trespassing hunters"
intrusive - tending to intrude (especially upon privacy); "she felt her presence there was intrusive"
References in classic literature ?
It will not be denied, that power is of an encroaching nature, and that it ought to be effectually restrained from passing the limits assigned to it.
Will it be sufficient to mark, with precision, the boundaries of these departments, in the constitution of the government, and to trust to these parchment barriers against the encroaching spirit of power?
And what I have been speaking of happened to the Thurians; for the magistrates being elected according to a very high census, it was altered to a lower, and they were subdivided into more courts, but in consequence of the nobles possessing all the land, contrary to law; the state was too much of an oligarchy, which gave them an opportunity of encroaching greatly on the rest of the people; but these, after they had been well inured to war, so far got the better of their guards as to expel every one out of the country who possessed more than he ought.
You're encroaching on Princess Myakaya's special domain now.
I knew what all this meant, for the servants' dinner-bell was ringing at the very moment over our heads; and as I hate such encroaching people (the Jacksons are very encroaching, I have always said so: just the sort of people to get all they can), I said to the boy directly (a great lubberly fellow of ten years old, you know, who ought to be ashamed of himself), "I'll take the boards to your father, Dick, so get you home again as fast as you can.
Do not be afraid of my running into any excess, of my encroaching on your privilege of universal good-will.
SIALKOT -- In a drive against encroachments, police on Friday arrested four persons for encroaching upon the government land and public places in different areas of city.
The CDA tried to stop the lawyers from encroaching upon the playground and issued eviction orders to them.
Earlier, the CDA authorities made a botched attempt to stop the members of legal fraternity from encroaching upon the playground, issuing them the eviction orders.
The lawyers had been constructing their chambers on the land of the ground since February 2013, but the civic body failed to prevent them from encroaching upon the state land.
ISLAMABAD -- People are crying foul after the all-powerful lawyer-lobby has started encroaching on a football ground adjacent to Sector F-8 Kutcheri to build chambers.
MCI opposition leader Ali Nawaz Awan said it was unfortunate that lawyers were encroaching on public ground.