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(ĕn-krŭst′) also in·crust (ĭn-)
tr.v. en·crust·ed, en·crust·ing, en·crusts also in·crust·ed or in·crust·ing or in·crusts
1. To cover or coat with or as if with a crust: tires encrusted with dried mud; legalities that were encrusted with tradition.
2. To decorate by inlaying or overlaying with a contrasting material: encrust wood paneling with ivory.

[Possibly from French incruster, from Latin incrustāre : in-, on; see en-1 + crusta, crust; see kreus- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ɪnˈkrʌst) or


1. (tr) to cover or overlay with or as with a crust or hard coating
2. to form or cause to form a crust or hard coating
3. (tr) to decorate lavishly, as with jewels
ˌencrusˈtation, ˌincrusˈtation n
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1. to cover or line with a crust or hard coating.
2. to form into a crust.
3. to deposit as a crust.
4. to form a crust.
[1635–45; < Latin incrustāre]
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Past participle: encrusted
Gerund: encrusting

I encrust
you encrust
he/she/it encrusts
we encrust
you encrust
they encrust
I encrusted
you encrusted
he/she/it encrusted
we encrusted
you encrusted
they encrusted
Present Continuous
I am encrusting
you are encrusting
he/she/it is encrusting
we are encrusting
you are encrusting
they are encrusting
Present Perfect
I have encrusted
you have encrusted
he/she/it has encrusted
we have encrusted
you have encrusted
they have encrusted
Past Continuous
I was encrusting
you were encrusting
he/she/it was encrusting
we were encrusting
you were encrusting
they were encrusting
Past Perfect
I had encrusted
you had encrusted
he/she/it had encrusted
we had encrusted
you had encrusted
they had encrusted
I will encrust
you will encrust
he/she/it will encrust
we will encrust
you will encrust
they will encrust
Future Perfect
I will have encrusted
you will have encrusted
he/she/it will have encrusted
we will have encrusted
you will have encrusted
they will have encrusted
Future Continuous
I will be encrusting
you will be encrusting
he/she/it will be encrusting
we will be encrusting
you will be encrusting
they will be encrusting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been encrusting
you have been encrusting
he/she/it has been encrusting
we have been encrusting
you have been encrusting
they have been encrusting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been encrusting
you will have been encrusting
he/she/it will have been encrusting
we will have been encrusting
you will have been encrusting
they will have been encrusting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been encrusting
you had been encrusting
he/she/it had been encrusting
we had been encrusting
you had been encrusting
they had been encrusting
I would encrust
you would encrust
he/she/it would encrust
we would encrust
you would encrust
they would encrust
Past Conditional
I would have encrusted
you would have encrusted
he/she/it would have encrusted
we would have encrusted
you would have encrusted
they would have encrusted
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Verb1.encrust - cover or coat with a crust
coat, surface - put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface; "coat the cake with chocolate"
2.encrust - decorate or cover lavishly (as with gems)encrust - decorate or cover lavishly (as with gems)
adorn, decorate, grace, ornament, embellish, beautify - make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"
3.encrust - form a crust or a hard layer
effloresce - become encrusted with crystals due to evaporation
harden, indurate - become hard or harder; "The wax hardened"
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[ɪnˈkrʌst] VTincrustar (with de)
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[ɪnˈkrʌst] vt
(with mud)encroûter
(with jewels)incruster
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vt (fig, with pearls) → besetzen; encrusted with earth/cementerd-/zementverkrustet; a jewel-encrusted broocheine juwelenbesetzte Brosche; encrusted with icevereist
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References in classic literature ?
About five o'clock, Michel Ardan distributed, under the name of dinner, some pieces of bread and cold meat, which were quickly swallowed without either of them abandoning their scuttle, the glass of which was incessantly encrusted by the condensation of vapor.
How the other pen found its way into the bowl instead of the fireplace or wastepaper basket I can't imagine, but there the two were, lying side by side, both encrusted with ink and completely undistinguishable from each other.
At one end of the chamber, upon massive golden thrones encrusted with diamonds, sat Than Kosis and his consort, surrounded by officers and dignitaries of state.
Long thatched sheds stretched round the enclosure, their slopes encrusted with vivid green moss, and their eaves supported by wooden posts rubbed to a glossy smoothness by the flanks of infinite cows and calves of bygone years, now passed to an oblivion almost inconceivable in its profundity.
Their apprehensions arise from several changes they dread in the celestial bodies: for instance, that the earth, by the continual approaches of the sun towards it, must, in course of time, be absorbed, or swallowed up; that the face of the sun, will, by degrees, be encrusted with its own effluvia, and give no more light to the world; that the earth very narrowly escaped a brush from the tail of the last comet, which would have infallibly reduced it to ashes; and that the next, which they have calculated for one-and-thirty years hence, will probably destroy us.
On observing the ground, I saw that it was raised in certain places by slight excrescences encrusted with limy deposits, and disposed with a regularity that betrayed the hand of man.
Priests were passing in processions, beating their dreary tambourines; police and custom-house officers with pointed hats encrusted with lac and carrying two sabres hung to their waists; soldiers, clad in blue cotton with white stripes, and bearing guns; the Mikado's guards, enveloped in silken doubles, hauberks and coats of mail; and numbers of military folk of all ranks--for the military profession is as much respected in Japan as it is despised in China--went hither and thither in groups and pairs.
His mother precedes him in a carriage magnificently encrusted with silver and gold.
Just behind the royal standard-bearers came the Princess Ozma in her royal chariot, which was of gold encrusted with emeralds and diamonds set in exquisite designs.
Here stood the royal throne, made of solid gold and encrusted with enough precious stones to stock a dozen jewelry stores in our country.
The soldier wore a handsome green and gold uniform, with a tall hat in which was a waving plume, and he had a belt thickly encrusted with jewels.