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tr.v. en·crypt·ed, en·crypt·ing, en·crypts
1. To put into code or cipher.
2. Computers To alter (data) using a mathematical algorithm so as to make the data unintelligible to unauthorized users while allowing a user with a key or password to convert the altered data back to its original state.

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[ɪnˈkrɪptɪd] adj [data, message] → crypté(e); [signal] → crypté(e)
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Should the Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive become lost or stolen, it is equipped with a Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism that will render all stored information irrecoverable after 10 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to enter the secure PIN.
Mr Comey said murder investigations could be stalled, suspects could go free and "justice may be denied because of a locked phone or an encrypted hard drive".
DON policy requires that all email containing sensitive information, including PII, must be digitally signed and encrypted. Guidelines for email encryption were issued in a Naval message from the DON CIO: "DON Policy Updates for Personal Electronic Devices Security and Application of Email Signature and Encryption."
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A former official of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TE[pounds sterling]ByTAK) has said President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an's advisor Mustafa Varank is one of the officials who is responsible for the distribution and management of state authorities' encrypted phones.
The SonicWALL team also documented a rise in bots relying on SSL-encrypted communication to command-and-control servers, which are attacks designed to evade detection by disguising communication in an encrypted session.
Over the last eight months, Yahoo encrypted its e-mail service and Google extended encryption to every search term that users enter.
When someone starts an iMessage conversation, they fetch a user's public key(s) from Apple's servers and before that message leaves the sender's device, it's encrypted into something that only the device knows how to decrypt.
In an age when government and corporate data snooping is all but taken for granted, the need for an encrypted email solution is clear.
today announced the development of a technology that can perform concealed searches of encrypted data in its encrypted form.
The company said the stolen personal identification numbers, which customers type into keypads to make secure transactions, were encrypted and that this strongly reduces risk to customers.
22 -- Microsoft has announced Office 365 Message Encryption service that will let you send encrypted emails to anyone outside your company.
Unmonitored, encrypted traffic violates mandated compliance regulations.