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Noun1.encyclical letter - a letter from the pope sent to all Roman Catholic bishops throughout the world
letter, missive - a written message addressed to a person or organization; "mailed an indignant letter to the editor"
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Some pastors in Vietnam responded to Pope Francis by spending time before or after Mass helping Christians to understand the meaning of this encyclical letter so that they would know how to care for the common house and to better protect the environment for family, society and all of the world.
The gathering, an ecumenical and interfaith event dubbed the 'Earth Day Laudato Si Village,' hopes to promote environmental awareness and stewardship as stated in Pope Francis' 2015 encyclical letter, 'Laudato Si (Praise Be to You),' which exhorted 'every person living on this planet .
Laudato Si (Praise be to you) refers to the thought-provoking encyclical letter issued by Pope Francis in 2015 exhorting every person living on this planet to care for our common home.
For example, the encyclical letter Rerum Novarum, published in 1891 by Pope Leo XIII, mainly tackles the emerging social upheavals born from the Industrial Revolution.
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Pope Francis acknowledges that he does not want to write this encyclical letter without mentioning the compelling figure of St.
Pope Francis, "Laudato SAaAaAe encyclical letter, June 18.
Building on the sentiments of his encyclical letter, Laudato Si', Francis highlighted the international community's responsibility to respond to human suffering, such as that faced by refugees and those living in extreme poverty, and called for global solidarity in order to overcome social exclusion and inequality.
India, June 29 -- An encyclical letter is generally considered one of the highest forms of teaching for a Catholic Pope.
We warmly welcome the report's message of hope, which confirms the fact that climate change is more than just a technical or financial challenge (as Pope Francis did in his encyclical letter on June 18) and confirms the voice of health in the discussion on climate change.
Chapter two presents the Greek-Orthodox immediate reaction to Vatican I: the official encyclical letter of the Ecumenical Patriarchate issued in 1895 and positions of some theologians of that time, such as Grigorius Zigavinos, John Mesoloras, Anastasios Kiriakos, and Spiridon Papageorgiou.
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