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v. en·cyst·ed, en·cyst·ing, en·cysts
To enclose in or as if in a cyst.
To take the form of or become enclosed in a cyst.

en·cyst′ment, en′cys·ta′tion n.
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Encystation occurring in the viscera namely the liver, spleen or gonads causing severe pathologic changes in the adjacent tissue (Paperna, 1974).
Specific bacteria encystation gene primers were utilized to detect the Bacillus anthracis DNA.
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In addition, some [alpha]-giardins also participate in the encystation and excystation process of Giardia cysts, preventing their leakage of the cell membrane and disintegration of the cellular structure under the environment of high intestinal bile salts [6].
histolytica have demonstrated that berberine sulfate is rapidly amoebicidal and causes encystation, degeneration, and eventual lysis of the trophozoite forms (Subbaiah and Amin, 1967).
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In culture, trophozoites are able to complete cycles of division, encystation, and excystation.
pneumophila and eliminated them through the process of encystation (14).
The fractured structure of microcellular region is surrounded by this solid boundary layer, as exemplified in the boundary layer encystation in Fig.