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v. en·cyst·ed, en·cyst·ing, en·cysts
To enclose in or as if in a cyst.
To take the form of or become enclosed in a cyst.

en·cyst′ment, en′cys·ta′tion n.
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6), to generate and disseminate in a sustained manner data, information, models, products and services, 4) a comprehensive or ecosystemic understanding of these phenomena is required, understanding the physiological adaptations of these microalgae, the population growth and encystment rates (e.g., A.
The motile cercariae will then be released from the snail and will initiate encystment on a suitable second intermediate host as infective metacercariae [22].
The most damaging effects of infection by metacercariae most likely occur during the penetration phase (Hoffman 1958), when the host response to encystment of the parasite requires increased energy expenditures.
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In fact, known peaks in metacercarial encystment match this seasonal variation in forage availability and feeding behavior (Lepitzki 1998).
In another point of view some studies have shown that inhibitors of mitochondrial function and inducers of oxidative stress can induce Toxoplasma encystment in vitro [28, 29].
pluvialis culture, the deficiency of a nutrient, such as nitrogen, induces encystment, with a morphological change from vegetative to cysts cells as the resting stage (Dalay et al., 2007).
The higher rates most likely simply reflect a higher survival rate, though another possibility is a higher germination rate after encystment (Erwin and Ribeiro 1996), and while it's unlikely, we cannot exclude the possibility of colonization.
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Germ tubes developed from encysted zoospores within 10-20 minutes after encystment.