end off


w>end off

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References in classic literature ?
Why don't they cut the end off their noses to make them look plucky?
When the waiter had felt my fast cooling tea-pot with the palm of his hand, and had looked imploringly at me, and had gone out, Drummle, careful not to move the shoulder next me, took a cigar from his pocket and bit the end off, but showed no sign of stirring.
"Assuredly!" the Prince answered, flicking the end off his cigar.
Solid demand for the 2- and 5-year note auctions added to the general bid that saw 10-year rate tumble over 5 bps, with the front end off over 4 bps.
Forres Mechanics forward Scott Moore is hoping to end off his testimonial season in style.
"At the end off the day it's bad as the people of Cobh fundraised for that new park and to say now that you can't bring your own kids out there is horrible." Fine Gael councillor Sinead Sheppard said the council was informed of the problem and have acted quickly to ease parents' concerns.
Aguilar extended his team's lead to six after stealing an inbound pass and finishing a dunk on the other end off an assist by Thompson with 1:42 remaining.
Trim the stem end off each shallot, cut each in half lengthwise, and peel.
Sadly, for Bracey, who looked in decent touch before lunch, his 72-ball innings came to an end off the very first ball after the interval.
Smith, playing up from Division Three, also took an end off both Morris and Saxton and was arguably unlucky to take more.
Hopefully I can end off this season with a nice week."