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also end paper  (ĕnd′pā′pər)
Either of two folded sheets of heavy paper having one half pasted to the inside front or back cover of a book and the other half pasted to the base of the first or last page. Also called end leaf.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) either of two leaves at the front and back of a book pasted to the inside of the board covers and the first leaf of the book to secure the binding


or end′ pa`per,

a sheet of paper folded vertically once to form two leaves, one of which is pasted flat to the inside of the front or back cover of a book, with the other pasted to the inside edge of the first or last page to form a flyleaf. Also called end′ sheet`.


[ˈendpeɪpəʳ] Nguarda f
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Front end paper - 2017 year planner indicating Maltese national and public holidays
Christina Blakeslee, of the Office of the State Courts Administrator, told the authority during a discussion of technical issues that two approaches were being looked at for a firm deadline for lawyers to end paper filing.
Our biggest competitors are Excel charts, pen end paper end post-its," said Johnson, adding that Netrieval has had more success among brokers who haven't been in the business very long.
On the inside back cover, what in the trade is called the end paper, are images of the rats that are the ultimate horror of the book's hero Winston Smith.
The printer automatically alerts for head temperature, paper out mark detect, platen open and near end paper.
The US is the largest consumer of industrial timber, pulp end paper in the world and is among the top destinations for imports of wood from areas where illegal logging and trade are common, such as Indonesia, China and Brazil.
The end paper maps show the sections of the coast apportioned to each farm-Skaftafell, Freysnes, Svinafell, Hof, etc.
And so, in times of need, an East End paper has launched a campaign to resurrect the action and 85 per cent of those polled - presumably all blokes - want to see the girls return.
To remain competitive and survive in this business, both papermakers and suppliers must drive the need for new functional wet end paper chemicals that meet customer demands for innovative paper and board products.
It also helps to end paper trails by enabling staff to store, index and retrieve information online.
Other journals have taken the end paper out entirely, letting the authors and their work to stand pat, momentarily wresting the poems and fiction out of a professional, market-oriented sphere.
Strongest gains are forecast for paper and paperboard coatings due to continuing shifts toward the use of higher end paper with color graphics for advertising, direct mail fliers, catalogs and high end periodicals.