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I have already found that tinkering with the editing pays dividends in terms of the end result.
The end result is not a performance," says Denise Bolstad, administrative director.
Smith stressed that the key principle was to focus on the process of the sport rather than on the end result (winning).
While all surgeons are interested in using the latest and best equipment, it is important to recognize that patients are interested in the end result and not necessarily the means to the end.
The end result, Janken tells us, is that the NAACP remained just as perplexed about its racial identity as did Walter White.
Often, we can all become so bogged down in production issues and finances that we don't see the end result of our toils.
There are no guarantees, but if you're at the right show, speaking to the right people, and getting the right information from them, the chances of getting a good end result are much greater.
Seventy-three percent said increased management focus on core issues is a likely end result of a business process outsourcing engagement, and 62 percent would expect better use of capital investments as an outcome.
While the end result of each transaction was similar, the two deals could not have been more different.
In the past, his music has focused on simplicity, with a Zen-like spareness of form; however, in this new release he indulges in overdubbing and other Western tricks to make his sound more grandiose, with the end result being an album that is rich, full, and quite enjoyable.