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Touchdown (six points) - Like a try in rugby, a touchdown is scored when the team get into their opponent's end zone.
TWO for running or passing a conversion into the end zone.
But in the second quarter the Jets quarterback Chris Foster found his touch and hit Jeremy Simms in the corner of the end zone for a 25-yard opening score while Anthony Perkins made the end zone from 14 yards out to help make it 14-0 at halftime.
NOT the so-called madcap comedian, although the Buffalo wide receiver's act also involve plenty of running around - mostly towards Houston's end zone on Sunday and largely unhindered by Texans defenders.
Strategically, it is important because it facilitates a punt--allowing the punt to be launched on the field side of the goal line rather than the end zone. QB sneaks are common in this situation, especially if the ball is butted up against the goal line.
The center's new End Zone Sports Cafe takes advantage of the UNC sports tradition and is a hot spot for students (who can spend dining dollars at the eatery) and alumni alike.
In Chicago earlier this season, he performed a jig in the end zone that was straight out of Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance.
blockers play coach player end zone punt field goal quarterback first down referee goalposts safety interception tackle kickoff team pass touchdown penalty yard
Dragons' QB Seth Burford led the charge and eventually picked out Matt Cercone in the end zone and Jesus Angoy's conversion was good.
The new horizontal-risk-manager stands in the end zone, takes the kick-off (that is, the transfer of accountability for that piece of business) and, then, either handles or delegates all transactions necessary to transform opportunity into income.
In addition, Miller will sponsor the "Miller Lite Party Deck" in the north end zone at Soldier Field.
Saturday evening, Cameron Owens returned the opening kickoff 90 yards to the end zone after some huge blocks by the Panthers.