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Noun1.end-plate - the flattened end of a motor neuron that transmits neural impulses to a muscle
effector - a nerve fiber that terminates on a muscle or gland and stimulates contraction or secretion
end organ - a specialized structure at the peripheral end of some motor or sensory nerve fibers
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Yasui, "Long-term outcomes of lumbar posterior apophyseal end-plate lesions in children and adolescents," The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery--American Volume, vol.
For beam-to-column joint characteristics of the column web panel in shear, transverse compression and transverse tension, column flange and end-plate in bending, bolts in tension and etc.
The behaviour of the end-plate connections with high quality bolts is very complex and complicated.
Quantum Composites has developed Pemtex vinyl ester bipolar and end-plate compounds for injection and compression molding (Table 2).
Internally, the trough, blades and screw are polished and one end-plate is welded to assist cleaning.