end use

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end use

The ultimate application for which a product has been designed.

end′-use′ adj.

end′ use`

the ultimate use for which something is intended or to which it is put.
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Canada, and Mexico has held steady for the years 2000 to 2002, according to the End-Use Market Survey of the Polyurethanes Industry, published by the Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API).
We need to focus on end-use markets rather than by division," he says.
The changes in the furnish of coated woodfree papers toward BHKP have increased the share of woodfree papers among the end-use sectors for market BHKP.
While 12 diverse end-use industries consumed more than four billion pounds of polyurethanes last year, enduses within the construction, transportation and upholstered furnishings industries accounted for more than half of the total consumption, according to the findings of the 1994 Polyurethane End-Use Market Survey.
Company custom formulates a variety of epoxy hardeners for specific end-use applications.

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