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end user

also end-us·er (ĕnd′yo͞o′zər)
The ultimate consumer of a product, especially the one for whom the product has been designed.
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In order to investigate the received data throughput of an individual end-user, downlink transmission of data files using Ericsson TEMS equipment was performed.
New platforms, operating systems and application frameworks are altering the embedded mobile playing field, driving the need for developers to stay ahead of market trends and end-user expectations.
export control policies over semiconductor equipment and materials to China have become more "end-user" focused, with the introduction of the Validated End-User (VEU) program, a parallel licensing framework that allows select pre-screened Chinese end-users to receive controlled items, including some semiconductor equipment and materials, without a license.
This should be on the basis of average prices paid by the industrial end-user for electricity over the previous six months.
In early April, Springer (New York) will release "EU Digital Copyright Law and the End-User," a new book that explores the legal framework of EU digital copyright law from the perspective of the end-user.
The main themes of the symposium were software engineering theory, teaching and learning, domain-specific or end-user tools, end-user programming evaluations, visualization approaches, formal methods for domain specific and end-user applications, web development approaches, and empirical studies.
study of end-user technology service practices at about 250 North American organizations.
Believing ease of use and functionality for the end-user to be the most important elements in the decision process, they give the greatest weight to these criteria.
Although not an end-user, WalMart also came to the table, offering recycling assistance to local governments across the state.
While most companies have system-management tools that provide a detailed view of servers and networks, they lack a similar view of performance as experienced by the end-user. Another approach to ensuring application performance is to understand actual performance at the user level in conjunction with the infrastructure-monitoring tools typically utilized in most system-management solutions.
The company finished 20% below its original high-level estimate, a result of constant end-user communication, he said.