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n. pl. en·do·car·di·a (-dē-ə)
The thin serous membrane, composed of endothelial tissue, that lines the interior of the heart.

[New Latin : endo- + Greek kardiā, heart; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.]

en′do·car′di·al adj.


(ˌɛndəʊˈkɑːdɪəl) or


1. (Anatomy) of or relating to the endocardium
2. (Anatomy) within the heart


(ˌɛn doʊˈkɑr di əl)

1. situated within the heart.
2. Also, en•do•car•di•ac (ˌɛn doʊˈkɑr diˌæk) of or pertaining to the endocardium.
[1840–50; endo- + Greek kardí(a) heart + -al1; or endocardi (um) + -al1]
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As cardiac morphogenesis proceeds through stage HH 21, valvulogenesis and septation begins and thus, an epithelial--mesenchymal transition occurs within the endocardial cushions of the atrioventricular region and the outflow tract.
In these later stages, cardiac morphogenesis has continued and through the epithelial-mesenchymal transition has fully populated the endocardial cushions with mesenchyme.
Hyperplastic conotruncal endocardial cushions and transposition of the great arteries in perlecan-null mice.