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n. pl. en·do·cra·ni·a (-nē-ə)
1. The outermost layer of the dura mater.
2. The inner surface of the skull.

en′do·cra′ni·al adj.
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(Anatomy) relating to the endocranium
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Endocranial volume has also been shown to increase from mid-adulthood to older age in macaques (Van Minh & Hamada, 2017).
Types of Findings on NCCT Head (n=64) Findings on NCCT Head Number Percentage (%) Normal 10 15.62 Cerebral Atrophy 42 65.62 Ischemic Lesions 8 12.5 Haemorrhagic Lesions 6 9.3 Endocranial Calcification 6 9.3 Others 4 6.25 Most common CT Head finding is cerebral atrophy (42; 65.62%).
Initial multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) performed at another medical institution showed penetrating wound of the right orbital roof without affection of the right bulbus, and endocranial impressed bone fragments into the right frontal brain lobe with pneumocephalus and minimum hemorrhage (Figs.
The extracranial sources consist of a large number of branches of the external carotid artery that develop in case of a chronic, atherosclerotic steno-occlusive disease of the internal carotid artery, in most cases through the ophthalmic artery; however, facial, maxillary, middle meningeal, occipital, as well as unnamed dural vessels may take part in the supply of endocranial arteries [16].
* Fractures A, B, and C are linear fractures on the endocranial surface of the right parietal bone measuring approximately 6 cm, 4 cm, and 4 cm long, respectively (Figure 2).
The pathological lesions recorded include rickets (vitamin D deficiency), scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), cribra orbitalia, dental enamel hypoplasia, dental caries, non-specific periosteal reactions on the major long bones, endocranial and ectocranial lesions, maxillary sinusitis, rib lesions and evidence for tuberculosis (Table 1).
PPT is a risk factor for endocranial complications (epidural abscess, subdural abscess, acute meningitis and frontal lobe abscess), which have been found in about 60-85% of patients with PPT (5).
A neurological examination revealed an obscure, confused patient with normal fundoscopy, no signs of endocranial hypertension, nor meningeal, normal force in all four limbs.
Norell's research group uses high-resolution CT to peer inside the braincases of extinct dinosaurs, allowing scientists to create digital endocranial casts, called endocasts--detailed, 3D reconstructions of the interiors of fossilized skulls--which they use to examine the size and shape of various brain regions, including the brainstem, which regulates heartbeat, respiration, and other functions; the cerebellum, which coordinates muscle movements; and the cerebrum, which is involved with complex sensory functions and memory.
[The binaural test in space-occupying endocranial processes; a new method of otological diagnosis of brain disease].
1996 Comparative Endocranial Vascular Changes due to Craniosynostosis and Artificial Cranial Deformation.
Lesion iii is similarly sized but more pronounced, as the ectocranial surface was pushed through the inner table, displacing the endocranial surface.