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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the tooth root, dental pulp, and surrounding tissue.

en′do·don′tic adj.
en′do·don′tist n.
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Adj.1.endodontic - of or relating to or involving or practicing endodontics; "an endodontic specialist"
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M2 PRESSWIRE-September 3, 2019-: North American Endodontic Devices Market: Forecast to 2027 by Product, End-user and Geography
For endodontic success and failure the anatomy of root canal system plays a significant role.
There are some data regarding incidences of inhalation and ingestion of endodontic instruments during root canal treatment.
A CBCT scan of a transparent and radiopaque artificial resin maxillary molar (Dentalike, DentsplySirona, Ballaigues, Switzerland) was acquired (Orthophos SL, 5x5 cm volume, 80 [micro]m voxel size; DentsplySirona, Bensheim, Germany), and it was used for 3D endodontic treatment planning with a special software (3D Endo, DentsplySirona, Ballaigues, Switzerland).
Without endodontic treatment the only alternative is to have the infected tooth removed and, if it needs to be, replaced.
Objective: To determine the pain of single versus multiple visit endodontic treatment after obturation in teeth with necrotic pulps and infected canals.
22 October 2018 - California, US-based medical supply company Sonendo, developer of the GentleWave System, has acquired California, US-based endodontic software company TDO (The Digital Office) Software, the company said.
Hemisection can produce predictable results as long as proper case selection is followed by interdisciplinary approach with endodontic, surgical and prosthetic procedures.
Endodontic mishaps or procedural accidents are unfortunate occurrences that can occur during treatment.
Objective: To evaluate the effects of various endodontic regeneration agents on the push-out bond strength of Endosequence Root Repair Material (ERRM) to root-canal dentin.