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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the tooth root, dental pulp, and surrounding tissue.

en′do·don′tic adj.
en′do·don′tist n.
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Adj.1.endodontic - of or relating to or involving or practicing endodontics; "an endodontic specialist"
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Tooth preservation is the cornerstone of endodontic dentistry and endodontists will try give their best effort in trying to save a natural and this is where microscopic endodontics comes into real play.
announced today its commitment to donate $100,000 in health care products and cash over the next five years to the Foundation for Endodontics in support of the organization's upcoming outreach trips to treat the endodontic needs of people living in the underserved Jamaican community of Treasure Beach and surrounding areas.
Key to successful endodontic treatment is a thorough knowledge, respect, and appreciation for root canal anatomy together with careful, thoughtful, and meticulously performed cleaning and shaping procedures.
So far, the most promising and most commonly used materials in endodontic treatment and retreatment were calcium silicate cements.
The quality of endodontic treatment was evaluated by periapical radiograph in relation to the length, density and taper of the root canal fillings.
Intraoral examination revealed dislodgement of temporary restorative material in the cavity and endodontic access cavity of tooth 21 and 22 was made.
It details clinical factors related to local anesthesia; mandibular, maxillary, and supplemental anesthesia; tips for the management of routine restorative procedures and specific endodontic situations; and endodontic anesthesia.
Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine the frequencies of apical periodontitis and endodontic treatment in a Turkish population using a retrospective analysis of orthopantomograms.
The main reasons for endodontic failure are apical percolation and the presence of microorganisms caused by incomplete instrumentation, inadequate cleaning, insufficient canal obturation, and the presence of untreated canals.
A fragment of an instrument, which was separated during the mechanical cleaning and shaping of the root canal system, significantly hinders the proper endodontic treatment and may lead to its failure.
faecalis in the saliva and root canals of teeth associated with apical periodontitis due to endodontic treatment failure in the same patient.