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Frequency of endodontic treatment in Kuwait: radiographic evaluation of 846 endodontically treated teeth.
Palatogingival groove is an anatomic aberration of maxillary incisors which can create problems due to bacterial invasion in both directions, periodontally and endodontically. Periodontally they can cause pocket formation and bone loss while endodontically they can cause pulpal inflammation and pulpal necrosis.
VRF in endodontically treated molars has been extensively studied clinically and radiographically; however, only few studies have evaluated histologically VRF in endodontically treated premolars and molars (10).
Influence of remaining tooth structure and restorative material type on stress distribution in endodontically treated maxillary premolars: A finite element analysis.
The quality of post-endodontic restorations is as important as endodontic therapy for the prognosis of endodontically treated teeth (ETT) (1).
Effect of incomplete crown ferrules on load capacity of endodontically treated maxillary incisors restored with fiber posts, composite build-ups, and all-ceramic crowns: an in vitro evaluation after chewing simulation.
A positive control group (n = 26) was comprised of contralateral teeth, and a negative control group (n=8) was comprised of endodontically treated mature maxillary incisors.
Unfortunately, perforations are the common cause of failure when endodontically treated teeth are restored.
Group MTA) presented spontaneous pain and the teeth were endodontically treated.