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1. Originating internally.
2. Originating or produced within an organism, tissue, or cell: endogenous hormones.

en·dog′e·nous·ly adv.
en·dog′e·ny n.
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Adv.1.endogenously - in an endogenous manner
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I think the good thing in this cycle of high equity prices is that almost everyone who has been part of this, has talked about the possibility that this can`t go on for long and I think that is good so that there is enough risk aversion that is endogenously built up by the investors themselves," Patel added.
I think that is good, so that there is enough risk aversion that is endogenously built out by the investors themselves".
It should not be overlooked though that the saccharolytic process that so many take advantage of through fermented food is also available endogenously in the large intestine.
The stem cells keep us young by endogenously repairing us upon need.
ALLN-177 is a first-in-class therapeutic being developed to treat patients with severe hyperoxaluria using an an orally-administered, recombinant oxalate-degrading enzyme that works in the gastrointestinal tract, where it is designed to degrade both dietary and endogenously produced oxalate that is secreted into the GI tract.
Another theory suggests that insulinlike growth factor-1, either in milk or endogenously stimulated by its consumption, may make a contribution.
Among the research questions that have been identified are the following:- How can spatial justice be conceptualised, operationalised, adapted- How processes of territorial inequalities in different localities be understood and analysed- How does the local relate to cohesion in an EU context- What factors and filters are operating that enhance or limit the relation between the local and cohesion What might bridge abstract notions of spatial justice and local practises on the one hand and CP on the other- Is there a territorial trap in thinking locally, endogenously Can enhanced autonomy contribute to spatial justice How can processes of place-making be related to spatial justice- What is the scope for alternative development, stabilisation, sustainability, solidarity models/scenarios
In most advanced economies, the exchange rate cannot simply be decreed; rather, it is endogenously determined by the underlying real economy and the state of the financial system.
Therefore, three fairly realistic and advanced but different models considered are: (1) completely endogenously optimized leverage; (2) exogenously determined mean-reverting leverage; and (3) exogenously determined fixed debt.
H2S has been proved to have protective effects in ischaemia induced or reperfusion induced injuries; and this effect may be observed regardless of the administration of H2S exogenously or produced endogenously.
Demsetz and Lehn, (1985) found that ownership and performance are endogenously determined by firm specific factors and key variables in the firms contracting environment (Himmelberg et al.
Previously, sulfur dioxide (SO[sub]2) was considered a toxic gas, but recently, it was found to be generated endogenously in vivo from sulfur-containing amino acids.