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1. Originating internally.
2. Originating or produced within an organism, tissue, or cell: endogenous hormones.

en·dog′e·nous·ly adv.
en·dog′e·ny n.
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Adv.1.endogenously - in an endogenous manner
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1) Primary antioxidants, produced endogenously with help of NRF2 gene.
An endogenously produced compound, coenzyme Q10 is found in human cells, and plays an imperative role in production of energy by serving as mobile electron carrier in electron transport chain within mitochondria.
Other MinDA projects like creation of Agro-Ecozones, Picong Ecozone, Bucas Grande Eco-Tourism, Information and Technology and Business Process Management, Interconnectivity projects like roads and bridges, and flood control projects are all complementary investments that will benefit from Islamic Finance, and can catapult the general condition of laggard infrastructure to endogenously growing administrative regions within the island.
Another paper also in ACS Chemical Biologyexplains a strategy for monitoring PROTAC-mediated degradation of endogenously tagged HiBiT-BET family members in live cells.
In similar fashion, the alerting function of attention can be exogenously controlled (e.g., an unexpected key change by the church organist alerts singers to change their pitch as well) or endogenously controlled (e.g., a chorister listens intently to the organist's interlude and is alerted to the upcoming key change by the preceding harmonic structure and voice leading).
Raphael Mechoulem, an Israeli scientist at Hebrew University started to identify cannabinoid like structures (produced endogenously) and the bodies cannabinoid receptor system.
Vitamin D is synthetized endogenously in the skin in the presence of UV-radiation from the sun.
It is correct that good governance is essential for efficient utilization of aid and loans but it fails to recognize that governance in itself is endogenously determined by the backwardness of the economy.
The biological clock in a normal person oscillates with an endogenously adjusted period of 24 hours.
"I think the good thing in this cycle of high equity prices is that almost everyone who has been part of this, has talked about the possibility that this can`t go on for long and I think that is good so that there is enough risk aversion that is endogenously built up by the investors themselves," Patel added.
I think that is good, so that there is enough risk aversion that is endogenously built out by the investors themselves".