endolymphatic duct

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en·do·lym·phat·ic duct

n. conducto endolinfático localizado en el oído.
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From the endolymphatic duct, proximal to the distal part of the ES, the epithelia were maintained in the regular one-layer sac structure.
Inner ear antigen Distribution References Collagen type II In the subepithelial layer of [26, 64-68] the endolymphatic duct and spiral ligament.
The mean diameter of the endolymphatic duct is 0.16x0.41 mm at the internal aperture of the vestibular aqueduct and 0.09x0.20 mm at the isthmus (25).
The height of the otocyst was measured by starting from the base at the ventral aspect to the tip of the endolymphatic duct at the dorsal aspect of the otocyst.
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