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n. pl. en·do·me·tri·a (-trē-ə)
The glandular mucous membrane that lines the uterus.

[New Latin endomētrium : endo- + Greek mētrā, uterus; see metro-.]

en′do·me′tri·al adj.
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Adj.1.endometrial - of or relating to the endometrium


a. endometrial, rel. al endometrio;
___ biopsybiopsia ___;
___ cystquiste ___.
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Endometrial regeneration using autologous adult stem cells followed by conception by in vitro fertilization in a patient of severe Asherman's syndrome.
It was recently demonstrated that endometrial stem/progenitor cells can induce proliferation (26) and this report substantiates the hypothesis on the role of the stem cells in endometrial regeneration.
The function of endometrial apelin is not known yet but, apelin may play a role in endometrial regeneration and endometriotic implantation via angiogenesis.