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1. A change within an intrusive igneous rock caused by the assimilation of portions of the surrounding rock.
2. A homomorphism that maps a mathematical system into itself.


(Geological Science) geology changes in a cooling body of igneous rock brought about by assimilation of fragments of, or chemical reaction with, the surrounding country rock


(ˌɛn doʊˈmɔr fɪz əm, -də-)

a change brought about within the mass of an intrusive igneous rock.
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Under the submersivity assumption (7) the operator [sigma] is an injective endomorphism and the pair (K,[sigma]) a difference field ([see.
18) found that the endomorphism component increases with age while the other two (second and third) are very stable over the years.
Using the identification T(V) = kX and the decompositions described above, we can define a k-linear endomorphism [[-].
American Psychological Association acclaims massage for lowering heart rate, lowering blood pressure, relaxation of muscles, production of endomorphism and production of body chemicals that makes one feels good.
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If G = G1 = G2 then the homomorphism is called an endomorphism and the isomorphism is called an automorphism.
The endomorphism algebra of a tilting module preserves many significant invariants, for example, the center of an algebra, the number of nonisomorphic simple modules, the Hochschild cohomology groups, and Cartan determinants.
where [mathematical expression not reproducible], B(Y) = A(QY) and Q is the symmetric endomorphism of the tangent space at a point corresponding to the Ricci tensor S
M], g, J) is a manifold endowed with an almost complex structure J, that is, compatible with the metric g, that is, an endomorphism J: T[bar.
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