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A parasite, such as a tapeworm, that lives within another organism.

en′do·par·a·sit′ic (-sĭt′ĭk) adj.
en′do·par′a·sit·ism (-sĭ-tĭz′əm) n.
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Adj.1.endoparasitic - of or relating to parasites that live in the internal organs of animals
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A contribution to the systematic and morphology of endoparasitic trichodinids from amphibians, with a proposal of uniform specific characteristics.
Other families of Proctotrupoidea (Heloridae, Pelecinidae, Proctotrupidae) are known to be endoparasitic koinobionts (Masner 2006), suggesting that the same is true of Vanhorniidae.
They are (i) nematode-trapping fungi using adhesive or mechanical hyphal networks, (ii) endoparasitic fungi using spores, (iii) egg-parasitic fungi invading nematode eggs with their sharp hyphal tips, and (iv) toxin-producing fungi paralyzing nematodes before penetration (Swe et al., 2011; Moosavi and Zare, 2012).
Their complex life cycle represents the successful evolutionary outcome of dealing with three distinct kinds of habitat, viz., planktonic, benthic, and endoparasitic, each of which presents particular challenges that have been overcome by monstrilloids.
Host-parasite relations of certain endoparasitic helminths of the channel catfish and white crappie in an Oklahoma reservoir.
Dung samples were negative for endoparasitic ova and oocysts of coccidia.
Endoparasitic infections in Indian peacocks (Pavo cristatus) of Veterinary College Campus, Mathura.
Risk Factors for High Endoparasitic Burden and the Efficiency of a Single Anthelmintic Treatment of Danish Horses.
Hypermethylation in CpG islands within or close to gene promoters is associated with the suppression of transcriptional activity.[sup][41] Global DNA hypomethylation occurs mainly at repetitive sequences, promoting chromosomal instability, translocations, gene disruption, and the reactivation of endoparasitic sequences.[sup][42] Hypermethylation of gene promoters or hypomethylation of the genome may also contribute to the development of autoimmune disease.[sup][43]