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 (ĕn′dŏz-mō′sĭs, -dŏs-)
The inward flow of a fluid through a permeable membrane toward a fluid of greater concentration.

en′dos·mot′ic (-mŏt′ĭk) adj.
en′dos·mot′i·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌɛndɒsˈməʊsɪs; -dɒz-) or


(Biology) biology osmosis in which water enters a cell or organism from the surrounding solution. Compare exosmosis
endosmotic adj
ˌendosˈmotically adv
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(ˌɛn dɒzˈmoʊ sɪs, -dɒs-)

1. osmosis toward the inside of a cell or vessel.
2. the flow of a substance from an area of lesser concentration to one of greater concentration (opposed to exosmosis).
[1830–40; Latinization of now obsolete endosmose < French; see end-, osmosis]
en`dos•mot′ic (-ˈmɒt ɪk) adj.
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(in osmosis) the more rapid spread of the less dense fluid through the membrane to join with the more dense. Cf. exosmosis. — endosmotic, adj.
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Adicionalmente, en un total de 93 muestras de dosis seminales (58 del grupo control y 35 del grupo experimental) procedentes de 45 verracos del estudio, se realizaron las pruebas de resistencia osmotica (ORT) y de endosmosis (HOST), asi como el analisis de la fragmentacion del DNA espermatico en un laboratorio externo al Centro de Inseminacion Artificial, entre el tercer y cuarto mes del estudio.
word meaning inward osmosis: endosmosis (pl.-[??]seez), endosmose
Essentially, there is continuous endosmosis and, due to lower levels of body fluid NaCl, a net influx of sodium ions across the gills.
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