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A naturally occurring antiangiogenic protein that inhibits the proliferation of endothelial cells and is under investigation for use in the treatment of diseases associated with abnormal blood vessel growth, including certain cancerous tumors.

[endo(thelial) + -stat + -in.]
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Serum levels of endostatin and matix metalloproteinase-9 associated with high stage and grade primary transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder.
However, there was one surprise: In the presence of the angiogenic inhibitor endostatin, migration of these cells was not inhibited but rather stimulated, suggesting a radically altered cellular phenotype.
According to the company, iBio-CFB03 will be developed as an anti-fibrotic agent based on the involvement of endostatin in fibrotic disease, identification of endostatin's anti-fibrotic activity residing in the C-terminal region , the efficacy of endostatin, its C-terminal peptides and iBio-CFB03 in experimental models of fibrosis.
VEGF and endostatin levels in wound fluid and plasma after breast surgery.
Autophagy and apoptosis of HeLa cells induced by recombinant human endostatin combined with hypoxia.
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Oppositely, macrophage elastase produced by tumor-associated macrophages cleaves plasminogen, thrombospondin, and type XVIII collagen generating anti-angiogenic molecules, such as angiostatin, thrombospondin fragments, and endostatin, respectively.
Angiogenesis inhibitors endostatin or TNP-470 reduce intimal neovascularization and plaque growth in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.
Other circulating antiangiogenic factors have been described in PE, including endostatin (a circulating fragment of collagen XVIII), prolactin fragments (referred to as vasoinhibins), and semaphorin 3B (a trophoblast-secreted antiangiogenic protein).
A substance that occurs naturally in the body, endostatin potently blocks the formation of new blood vessels.
Angiogenic inhibitors, like Endostatin, target those cells preventing the tumor fromdeveloping its own blood vessel system and thus blocking its growth.
14) Flaxseed consumption has been shown to increase levels of endostatin, a natural tumor angiogenesis inhibitor, in breast tissue comparable to the chemotherapy drug tamoxifen.