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An organism that generates heat to maintain its body temperature, typically above the temperature of its surroundings.
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1. (Zoology) an animal with warm blood
2. (Chemistry) chem the heat absorbed during a chemical reaction
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(ˈɛn dəˌθɜrm)

a warm-blooded animal.
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Avaria-Llauturio, J., Hernandez, C., Rodriguez-Serrano, E., Venditti, C.: 'The decoupled nature of basal metabolic rate and body temperature in endotherm evolution'; Nature; doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1476-9
In this study, the sample processing history was always removed by the first heating cycle imposed on the sample in DSC and the second melting endotherm was used to study the effect of interfacial chemistry on crystallization in three different systems.
All the formulations, irrespective of the polymer and concentration used, showed a sharp melting endotherm that started at 120-121[degrees]C with a flat baseline, which indicated that the material was not degraded by hydration, salvation or any crystalline changes.
An apparent relaxation endotherm is also witnessed at the end of the glass transition region.
Terrestrial systems act as a test for the role of endothermy in limiting food chain lengths, as endotherm and ectotherm consumers are often more similar in size in those systems (partially controlling for body size as a variable).
For most PPs the crystalline melting point as defined by the minimum point in the DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) endotherm, which is approximately 165 C (329 F).
For DSC, the heat given off during a reaction was called an exotherm while the heat absorbed by material is called an endotherm. By measuring the exotherms and endotherms, it is possible to determine all the chemical and physical state changes that occurred in the sample.
Successful innovations to be trialled include Halcyan Water Conditioners; Bird Brick Houses; Green Rewards' JUMP programme; EndoTherm by EndoEnterprises; ShowerBoB from BoB Products; Oxypod; Supergreen's Infrastore is a Far Infrared, open vented thermal storage system; IES' CI2 Technology Led Consulting makes smart use of operational building data; Ocuair Ltd's IRT Carbon Dashboard; Free Flow Valve from Envirowater; PhotonStar LED's HalcyonPRO; E-Car Club is the UK's first entirely electric pay-per-use car club.
No significant difference in either of the two glass transition temperatures or in the detailed characteristics of the melting endotherm were noted either.
(12) The melting endotherm observed for poly(2-VOES) was due to side-chain crystallization of the fatty acid ester pendent groups derived from SBO.
On coming in contact with SPAEK, the collagen uncoils and adheres to the SPEAK, losing its denaturation endotherm. For higher durations of immersion, the endotherm reappears as there is free unattached collagen in the hybrid scaffold (Fig.
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