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n. endotoxemia, presencia en la sangre de endotoxinas.
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Most surgeons agree that the treatment of ileal perforation should be surgery, as this eliminates peritoneal soiling and endotoxaemia.
Strong correlation was reported between endotoxaemia and high circulating levels of vWF.
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HMGB1 was initially recognized as a DNA-binding protein widespread in the mammal eukaryotic cell nucleus until the discovery that HMGB1 serves as a late inflammatory cytokine in the progress of sepsis and endotoxaemia in 1999 [28].
Selective increases of bifido bacteria in gut microflora improve high-fat-diet-induced diabetes in mice through a mechanism associated with endotoxaemia.
Endotoxaemia is common in children with Plasmodium falciparum malaria.
Hypertonic intravenous fluid therapy was recommended to check endotoxaemia caused by leptospirosis (Radostics et al.