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also end paper  (ĕnd′pā′pər)
Either of two folded sheets of heavy paper having one half pasted to the inside front or back cover of a book and the other half pasted to the base of the first or last page. Also called end leaf.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) either of two leaves at the front and back of a book pasted to the inside of the board covers and the first leaf of the book to secure the binding


or end′ pa`per,

a sheet of paper folded vertically once to form two leaves, one of which is pasted flat to the inside of the front or back cover of a book, with the other pasted to the inside edge of the first or last page to form a flyleaf. Also called end′ sheet`.


[ˈendpeɪpəʳ] Nguarda f
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Where does the endpaper feather design fit the story?
Two strips of vellum cut to about 25x165mm were used as endpaper guards in this copy.
Signed by Washington, it features his family coat of arms on the front endpaper and his motto "Exitus acta probat" or "The ends justify the deed.
The endpaper contains a family tree of D'Arcy's direct and collateral descendants.
On the free-front endpaper are two notes by Eric Baume.
Recently I came across something I scribbled on the endpaper of an exhibition catalogue in 1979.
Cover made of cardboard bookbinding and weighing 800-900g / m or cardboard Alaska class with a weight of 450 550 g / m (And rigidity), veneered with marbling in a dark color or color printing (one color); endpaper unprinted; back straight, laminated canvas bookbinding, agents printed in black (1 + 1), on offset paper 80 g / m .
Whilst the front endpaper has a colour patch for all the kids showing what is important to them (and Miss Quick's includes a cup, bunch of flowers, apple and chocolate), the final endpaper has a self-portrait by each child (and one of their teacher)--a lovely touch
The endpaper collage gives the reader a sense of colour, shape, size, and texture of the tickets, embossed stamps, and tooled names.
More than 200 precise line drawings, supported by numerous photographs clarify a series of endpaper preparations, binding styles, sewing techniques and finishing processes.
Atelier Nowosielski 1) Means: format: 320 x 210 mm (base x height) Volume: 112-120 pages paper Sora Matt Arte 135 g / m2 or equivalent with the following parameters: thickness, ISO 534 - 149 microns volume, DIN 53105 - 1 1 cm3 / g smoothness Bendtsen, ISO 8791-2 - 100 ml / min brightness ISO 2470 (D65 / 10) - 97% opacity, ISO 2471 - 98% color 4/4 CMYK dispersion varnish on pages with photographs 2) mount : hard, sewn threads tipping 4/0 CMYK endpaper 1/0 matte film Special, with a highly scratch-resistant UV selective convex 3) circulation: 500 copies.