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(ĕn-do͞o′, -dyo͞o′) also in·due (ĭn-)
tr.v. en·dued, en·du·ing, en·dues also in·dued or in·du·ing or in·dues
1. To provide with a quality or trait; endow: "A being whom I myself had formed, and endued with life, had met me at midnight among the precipices of an inaccesible mountain" (Mary Shelley).
2. To put on (a piece of clothing).

[Middle English enduen, from Old French enduire, to lead in, induct (influenced by Middle English endowen, to endow), from Latin indūcere; see induce. Sense 2, Middle English induen, to clothe, from Latin induere, to put on; see eu- in Indo-European roots.]


(ɪnˈdjuː) or


vb (tr) , -dues, -duing or -dued
1. (usually foll by with) to invest or provide, as with some quality or trait
2. rare (foll by with) to clothe or dress (in)
[C15: from Old French enduire, from Latin indūcere, from dūcere to lead]


(ɛnˈdu, -ˈdyu)

v.t. -dued, -du•ing.
1. to invest or endow with some gift, quality, or faculty.
2. to put on; assume.
3. to clothe.
[1350–1400; Middle English endewen to induct, initiate < Anglo-French, Old French enduire < Latin indūcere to lead in, cover, induce]


Past participle: endued
Gerund: enduing

I endue
you endue
he/she/it endues
we endue
you endue
they endue
I endued
you endued
he/she/it endued
we endued
you endued
they endued
Present Continuous
I am enduing
you are enduing
he/she/it is enduing
we are enduing
you are enduing
they are enduing
Present Perfect
I have endued
you have endued
he/she/it has endued
we have endued
you have endued
they have endued
Past Continuous
I was enduing
you were enduing
he/she/it was enduing
we were enduing
you were enduing
they were enduing
Past Perfect
I had endued
you had endued
he/she/it had endued
we had endued
you had endued
they had endued
I will endue
you will endue
he/she/it will endue
we will endue
you will endue
they will endue
Future Perfect
I will have endued
you will have endued
he/she/it will have endued
we will have endued
you will have endued
they will have endued
Future Continuous
I will be enduing
you will be enduing
he/she/it will be enduing
we will be enduing
you will be enduing
they will be enduing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been enduing
you have been enduing
he/she/it has been enduing
we have been enduing
you have been enduing
they have been enduing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been enduing
you will have been enduing
he/she/it will have been enduing
we will have been enduing
you will have been enduing
they will have been enduing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been enduing
you had been enduing
he/she/it had been enduing
we had been enduing
you had been enduing
they had been enduing
I would endue
you would endue
he/she/it would endue
we would endue
you would endue
they would endue
Past Conditional
I would have endued
you would have endued
he/she/it would have endued
we would have endued
you would have endued
they would have endued
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.endue - give qualities or abilities to
enable - render capable or able for some task; "This skill will enable you to find a job on Wall Street"; "The rope enables you to secure yourself when you climb the mountain"
cover - invest with a large or excessive amount of something; "She covered herself with glory"


To present with a quality, trait, or power:


[ɪnˈdjuː] VTdotar (with de)


vtversehen, begaben (liter); to be endued with somethingüber etw (acc)verfügen, mit etw begabt sein
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2] group]) act as effective proton-hopping sites in the perpendicular direction, enduing NFCMs with enhanced proton conduction properties when compared with the casting membranes and blend membranes of SPEEK/CS polymers.
urged, urge, under, unbind, unbend, rung, rune, ruing, ruined, ruin, rued, rude, nudge, nude, inured, inure, indue, gunner, gunned, guider, guide, grub, gerund, ennui, enduring, enduing, during, dung, dune, drug, drub, debug, burning, burned, burn, buried, burg, burden, bunged, bung, budgie, budge, begun, BURDENING Wordsquare: O.
It is extending its same motto of communicating and enduing masses, this time "with social media" by initiating "Socialmedia4empowerment" portal where social media evangelists can gather under one umbrella to connect and communicate with the world with a trust that "may be it takes time, but changes do happen".
The punishing treatment meted out to Greece when it needed assistance not austerity, the enduing indulgence of austerity even though this is eliminating Eurozone growth, and the EU's gross failure to address the urgent humanitarian crisis on its borders - these all illustrate the need for this union of nations to urgently rediscover its original mission of solidarity and shared prosperity.
The ministry would be enduing nearly three trillion won in basic research.
Stitch through the paper and the fabric layers along the printed seam line, beginning and enduing 1/4" beyond the ends of the line.
It was while enduing life as her captor's sex slave that she had Jack.
ISLAMABAD -- Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has reiterated Pakistans commitment to build a forward-looking, comprehensive and enduing partnership with Afghanistan.
In a way, the lessened hype makes it easier for the players on the field, but if you talk of other enduing rivalries on the field, like the Ashes, they are still going strong.
Players operating in these areas are witnessing a steady growth and a strong boost is further anticipated in the enduing years.