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 (ĕnd′wīz′) also end·ways (-wāz′)
1. On end; upright.
2. With the end foremost.
3. Lengthwise.
4. End to end.


(ˈɛndˌweɪz) or


having the end forwards or upwards
1. vertical or upright
2. lengthways
3. standing or lying end to end



also end•wise


1. on end.
2. with the end upward or forward.
3. toward the ends or end; lengthwise.
4. with ends touching; end to end.
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Adv.1.endways - on end or upright; "sticks leaning against the wall endways"
2.endways - in or toward the direction of the ends; lengthwise; "endways pressure"
3.endways - with the end forward or toward the observer; "houses built endways"


[ˈendweɪz] ADV (= end to end) → de punta; (= with end facing) → de lado, de canto


, endwise
advmit dem Ende nach vorne or zuerst; (= end to end)mit den Enden aneinander; put it endways onlegen Sie es mit dem Ende or der Spitze an


[ˈɛndˌweɪz] end£wise [ˈɛndˌwaɪz] (Am) adv (endways on) → longitudinalmente; (end to end) → l'uno/a contro l'altro/a (longitudinalmente)
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Then I yelled with pain and rage, and lifting the Watcher endways, drove it down with both hands, as a man drives a stake into the earth, and that with so great a stroke that the skull of the wolf was shattered like a pot, and he fell dead, dragging me with him.
Any suspicion against him, let alone such a story against him, would knock us endways from Malta to Mandalay.
The 1955 piece "Bed" was a combination of action painting and readymade as he sprayed paint over a bed and installed it endways.