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 (ĕnd′wīz′) also end·ways (-wāz′)
1. On end; upright.
2. With the end foremost.
3. Lengthwise.
4. End to end.
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Adv.1.endwise - on end or upright; "sticks leaning against the wall endways"
2.endwise - in or toward the direction of the ends; lengthwise; "endways pressure"
3.endwise - with the end forward or toward the observer; "houses built endways"
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That office consists in mincing the horse-pieces of blubber for the pots; an operation which is conducted at a curious wooden horse, planted endwise against the bulwarks, and with a capacious tub beneath it, into which the minced pieces drop, fast as the sheets from a rapt orator's desk.
This paper aims at finding the optimal multicast route in wireless mesh networks fulfilling the issues:- minimum congestion, endwise delay constraint is fulfilled, least cost.
In contrast AoDV offers modest control information and reasonable endwise delay time.
age Qajar porch in Seyed The used arch Quasi Kelil Hossein house type Type of arch Arch consistent covering with arc (known as a bus) span 4.10 m Deflection 13.1 m Connection Through two sides entrance--It is not directly related to the yard, porch reaches the wind-catcher from endwise Interior casting plaster with decorations Table 3: The characteristics of South porch of Do-Soffeh (two platforms) house, source: author.
[...] [H]e placed the blunted needle endwise on the top of it [...] Then going through some small strange motions with it--whether indispensable to the magnetizing of the steel, or merely intended to augment the awe of the crew, is uncertain--he called for linen thread; [...] at last [the steel] settled to its place, when Ahab, who had been intently watching for this result, stepped frankly back from the binnacle, and pointing his stretched arm towards it, exclaimed,--"Look ye, for yourselves, if Ahab be not lord of the level loadstone!
From these figures, it can be seen that, when incident from the endwise ([[phi].sub.i] = 90[degrees]), the surface significantly enhances the RCS in particular directions such as 10[degrees], 30[degrees], 45[degrees], 165[degrees], and 175[degrees], while incident from the broadside ([[phi].sub.i] = 0[degrees]), and the peaks occur at 5[degrees], 47.5[degrees], 132.5[degrees], and 175[degrees].
It is defined by Green's function To and the density of the current [j.sub.0] directed endwise the axis z (of the anisotropy):
Full cans of pop were set endwise and simply vaporized at impact.
When, toward the beginning of the novel, Alex in the Korova Milkbar hears a woman sing a bar or two of music, he is thrown into an ecstasy: it was like for a moment, O my brothers, some great bird had flown into the milkbar, and I felt all the malenky hairs on my plot standing endwise and the shivers crawling up like slow malenky lizards and then down again.
While feeding logs into the debarker, the endwise conveyer cylinders must exert sufficient pressure and grip to move frozen, wet, slippery, muddy, and misshaped logs forward.