energy efficiency ratio

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energy efficiency ratio

A measure of the relative efficiency of a cooling appliance, such as an air conditioner, that is equal to the unit's output in BTUs per hour divided by its consumption of energy, measured in watts.
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en′ergy effi`ciency ra`tio

a measure of the efficiency of a heating or cooling system, equal to the ratio of the output in BTU per hour to the input in watts. Abbr.: EER
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Figure (18) and figure (19) show that lower energy efficiency ratio and lower seasonal energy efficiency ratio for refrigeration system with using vacuum solar collector.
Headline seasonal efficiency figures are 50% higher than the Eco-Design Directive requirement, with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 5.6 for comfort cooling applications and Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR) of 7.59 for process cooling.
Look for energy efficiency ratio of the appliance unit, which allow consumers to compare the efficiency and cost of operation of the different models.
Combined with high airflow fan technology, these features are said to allow AFC chillers to work with low noise levels, even in high ambient temperatures, and offer Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) values of up to 5.9.
The heat pumps are designed to operate with a cooling efficiency of approximately 11.0 energy efficiency ratio (EER) and a heating efficiency coefficient of performance (COP) between 3.4 and 3.8.
It is 30 per cent more energy efficient than conventional air conditioning products and boasts an impressively high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 4.78.
These changes were announced in April 2014 and standards differ by region, as determined by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).
Panasonic Window Type Air Conditioners' class-leading 11.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), guarantees lower electricity consumption, making one's budget-saving purchase an even smarter choice.
This year, the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) requirement in KSA is said to have gone up to 9.5, which is expected to further move up to 11.5 in 2015.
(2) Energy efficiency ratio (EER): an indicator of performance calculated by dividing rated cooling capacity (kW) by electricity consumption (kW).
When cooling during summer, the EER (energy efficiency ratio) is as high as 41.
Offered in four capacities from 24-60 MBH and in two cabinet sizes, the company has boosted the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) up to 12% over the existing ClassMate HE for Integrated Part-Load Values up to 16.1, it said.

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