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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - (of a nuclear reaction) occurring with absorption of energy
endothermal, endothermic, heat-absorbing - (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with absorption of heat
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It boasts high-strength frame, side-impact collision bars, front and back crumple zones, an energy-absorbing steering column, ISO-FIX child seat anchors, tyre pressure monitoring system, driver status detection system, panoramic sunroof, shark-fin antenna, roof rails, side steps and 18' aluminium alloy wheels.
One idea presented has to do with deformable energy-absorbing structures or structures inside the car that can deform in a controlled manner and absorb the energy of the impact of a collision. 
In recent years, interlayer-type structures that incorporate new energy-absorbing layers in the form of foamed metal have received significant research and development attention.
Chunlin Li, "A new energy-absorbing bolt for rock support in high stress rock masses," International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, vol.
-- Purdue University is collaborating with General Motors (GM) to develop a new type of energy-absorbing, 3-D-printed material that could lead to innovations in a variety of areas, including building construction.
In addition, the truck features the new enhancements to the Dominator family, including an energy-absorbing boom stow that protects the top of the body compartments from damage if too much pressure is exerted from stowing the crane; high-intensity LED compartment lighting; and a multiplex electrical system with programmable logic for increased reliability.
Features include multiple layers of rigid polycarbonate, plus energy-absorbing thermoplastic rubber and polyurethane rubber or elastomeric copolymer rubber to absorb shock and protect against drops and impact.
Chemistry demonstrations included the mixing of barium hydroxide with ammonium salt to create a highly endothermic, or energy-absorbing, reaction.
The main energy-absorbing mechanisms throughout the ballistic impact include kinetic energy absorbed by the moving pellet on the back face of the target, energy absorbed due to tensile failure of the primary fibers' layer, energy absorbed due to the elastic deformation of the secondary fibers' layer, energy absorbed due to matrix cracking and delamination, and frictional energy absorbed in the course of penetration.
For maximum uptime, the unit's divert switches incorporate precision lubricated thermal plastic elements that are individually replaceable, while pop-off/snap-on divert shoes have energy-absorbing honeycomb elastomer cushions to reduce jams and provide gentle diverts.
It obviously will not solve all problems but it will give an energy-absorbing, worthwhile pastime to many with a minimum expenditure and use of space.
To render the bridge resistant to earthquakes, energy-absorbing dampers will be added to the bridge's abutments.

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