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Liza was as soft and enervated as Sappho was smart and abrupt.
Enervated, prostrate, and breathless, he became unconscious of outward objects; he seemed to be entering that vague delirium preceding death.
Marie, whose nervous system had been enervated by a constant course of self-indulgence, had nothing to support the terror of the shock, and, at the time her husband breathed his last, was passing from one fainting fit to another; and he to whom she had been joined in the mysterious tie of marriage passed from her forever, without the possibility of even a parting word.
We made these strangers our bosom friends, our confidential servants; we borrowed their artists and their arts, and despised the honest simplicity and hardihood with which our brave ancestors supported themselves, and we became enervated by Norman arts long ere we fell under Norman arms.
What such a temperature meant to us, enervated as we were by hardship, want of food, and the great heat of the desert, the reader may imagine better than I can describe.
They became exhausted in imitation of them; and they yaw-yawed in their speech like them; and they served out, with an enervated air, the little mouldy rations of political economy, on which they regaled their disciples.
I was young; I had good health; pleasure and I had never met; no indulgence of hers had enervated or sated one faculty of my nature.
To be sure, an enervated US will not encourage all foreign actors to not start a crisis.
Furthermore, in the resubmission the challan under the section of 512, various provisions were emitted that enervated the case against accused without any strong legal grounds.
That Tsangari resists escalating the conflict will leave as many viewers enervated as amused, but it's an expertly executed tease.
This flattened, seemingly frozen day also expresses the enervated world of war-weary soldiers.
Paul and Christianity, leading to a form of struggle that, unlike the Homeric agon, disabled, enervated, and debilitated those who participated in it.