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tr.v. en·fee·bled, en·fee·bling, en·fee·bles
To deprive of strength; make feeble.

en·fee′ble·ment n.
en·fee′bler n.
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Adj.1.enfeebling - causing debilitation
debilitating - impairing the strength and vitality
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That which is with you in Spaceland an unmixed evil, blotting out the landscape, depressing the spirits, and enfeebling the health, is by us recognized as a blessing scarcely inferior to air itself, and as the Nurse of arts and Parent of sciences.
Auds endlessly drawn to big-tent stories perhaps won't mind, but the themes here, including the leitmotif of an isolated populace and the enfeebling hothouse atmosphere of an island locale, needed more incisive scripting to overcome a strong sense of deja vu.
Lack of cohesion and compactness in the UPA II is enfeebling the governance and for several reasons we require immediate decisiveness on the part of the government.