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tr.v. en·fold·ed, en·fold·ing, en·folds
1. To cover with or as if with folds; envelop.
2. To hold within limits; enclose.
3. To embrace.

en·fold′er n.
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Noun1.enfolding - the action of enfolding something
change of shape - an action that changes the shape of something
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The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace.
Steward was a god who was kind, who loved him with voice and lip, who loved him with touch of hand, rub of nose, or enfolding arm.
Never had the old gray-green house among its enfolding orchards known a blither, merrier afternoon.
The same instant he was aware of a dark enfolding shadow passing over him, and, with a shudder of fear, he jumped back.
But her father cheered her, and said at last, gently disengaging himself from her enfolding arms, "Take her, Charles!
"My darling!" cried his mother, enfolding him in her fat arms.
The thoughtful liner notes are especially recommended, as they express soul-searching emotions swept within the music's enfolding soundscape.
"What caught my attention during the last Cabinet session was Hezbollah's position, which I saw as an indicator that the campaign the party is leading against corruption seems to be non-serious and enfolding political purposes," Geagea told an interview with Independent Arabia.
Was there, in that long silent fall, The enfolding embrace of eternity's call?
For this capability of the enfolding, they usually are fixed to the femur by suspensory mechanisms, which are superior to other methods of fixation to bone (6).
THE Coventry artist and sculptor behind The Enfolding, the statue that stands proudly outside The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, has died.