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tr.v. en·fran·chised, en·fran·chis·ing, en·fran·chis·es
1. To endow with the rights of citizenship, especially the right to vote.
2. To free, as from bondage.
3. To bestow a franchise on.

[Middle English enfraunchisen, from Old French enfranchir, enfranchiss-, to set free : en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + franchir (from franc, free; see frank1).]

en·fran′chise′ment n.
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Adj.1.enfranchised - endowed with the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote
disenfranchised, disfranchised, voteless, voiceless - deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote; "labor was voiceless"; "disenfrenchised masses took to the streets"
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For myself, there was one reward I promised myself from my detested toils-- one consolation for my unparalleled sufferings; it was the prospect of that day when, enfranchised from my miserable slavery, I might claim Elizabeth and forget the past in my union with her.
A brand-new, enfranchised, emancipated dress, dear.
The next moment, without any visible cause for the change, her unwonted joy shrank back, appalled, as it were, and clothed itself in mourning; or it ran and hid itself, so to speak, in the dungeon of her heart, where it had long lain chained, while a cold, spectral sorrow took the place of the imprisoned joy, that was afraid to be enfranchised, --a sorrow as black as that was bright.
His father was a tireless and devoted member of the group of London anti-slavery workers (Claphamites), and was Secretary of the company which conducted Sierra Leone (the African state for enfranchised negroes); he had also made a private fortune in African trade.
'This is why I said the women in PKR are the most enfranchised members of any political party in the world, because they have so many votes.
Exploring how the Indian Constitution of 1950 enfranchised the largest population in the world, A People's Constitution considers the ways that ordinary citizens produced, through litigation, alternative ethical models of citizenship.
It was not until 13 years after Jane's death that women over 30 (and men over 21) with the necessary property qualification were enfranchised.
The company declared its intent to become part of the bidder for the third telecommunications company in the country since it is a duly enfranchised telecom firm.
For is part, Mazen Abdulqader, the general director of the commission bureau in Irbil, has indicated that there are nearly 3.144 million enfranchised citizens in the region.
Lloyd George with the gift of foresight would have told the newly enfranchised ladies to make the most of their rights.
"It is important the coin depicts men and not just women because it wasn't just women enfranchised but younger men as well.
It is important the coin depicts men and not just women because it wasn't just women that were enfranchised but younger men as well.