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An antiretroviral drug of the fusion inhibitor class used in combination with other drugs to treat HIV infection.

[en(try/)fu(sion inhibitor) + -vir, antiviral suff. (ultimately from virus) + (pep)tide.]
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n enfuvirtida
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The following antiretroviral medications do not have any CYP-related interactions and therefore are not included in the Tables: abacavir, didanosine, emtricitabine, lamivudine, stavudine, tenofovir disoproxil, zidovudine, enfuvirtide, maraviroc, and raltegravir.
T20 peptide (Enfuvirtide) is the first HIV entry inhibitor approved by United States Food and Drug Administration (U.
Dogan, "Pharmaceutical amyloidosis associated with subcutaneous insulin and enfuvirtide administration," Amyloid, vol.
Only one fusion inhibitor medication is available: enfuvirtide (Fuzeon[R]), also known as T-20 (AIDSinfo, 2016a; FDA, 2016).
There are some drugs which may lead to ISRs in human like HIV-1 fusion inhibitor enfuvirtide, interferons, anti-TNF drugs adalimumab and etanercept.
Enfuvirtide and raltegravir scored 0 if used prior or during the genotyping test and 1 if they were never used.
For example, in HIV infection this has been accomplished with the interference of virus entry using a gp41 protein derived peptide, enfuvirtide, which prevents fusion of the virus with the host cellular membrane [47].
However, addition of the CHR-peptide-based anti-HIV drug, enfuvirtide, to the NHR-specific antibody made this nonneutralizing antibody become neutralizing against infection by divergent HIV-1 strains, including those resistant to enfuvirtide [84].
A recent analysis of extensively treatment experienced, predominantly male, subjects switching enfuvirtide to RAL in France reported significant 24week decreases in interleukin-6, D-dimer, and hsCRP [46] that were not observed in these less treatment-experienced women with central adiposity [45].