engine driver

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engine driver

(Railways) chiefly Brit a person who drives a railway locomotive; train driver


engine driver
1. 'engineer'

An engineer is a skilled person who uses scientific knowledge to design and construct machinery, electrical devices, or roads and bridges.

He trained as a civil engineer and worked on the M4 motorway.
...a brilliant young mining engineer.

An engineer is also a person who repairs mechanical or electrical devices.

The telephone engineer can't come until Wednesday.

In American English, a person who drives a train is also called an engineer.

An engineer pulled his freight train into a siding.
2. 'engine driver'

In British English, a person who drives a train is called an engine driver.

Every little boy has an ambition to be an engine driver.
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Noun1.engine driver - the operator of a railway locomotiveengine driver - the operator of a railway locomotive
manipulator, operator - an agent that operates some apparatus or machine; "the operator of the switchboard"

engine driver

n (Brit) → Lok(omotiv)führer(in) m(f)

engine driver

n (Brit) (of train) → macchinista m
References in classic literature ?
If a poor engine driver gets drunk and sends thirty or forty people to death, nobody complains of the exposure being personal.
His great theme was 'Warren the ENGINE driver,' whom he pressed into the service of every sentence he uttered.
And as the day advanced and the engine drivers and stokers refused to return to London, the pressure of the flight drove the people in an ever-thickening multitude away from the stations and along the northward-running roads.
Tenders are invited for providing out board(ob) engine driver services for kollegal(karnataka) and biligundulu (tamil nadu)
From there, they move to the stage of specialization and training on the job during the last six months of the training period in preparation of assuming jobs such as train engine driver, assistant driver and control managers.
The retired engine driver and grandfather suffered a broken collar bone, a cracked rib, an injured liver, a damaged pelvis and hip.
The collision not only claimed the injuries to four railway workers including engine driver, but caused the derailment of six oil tankers and over dozen containers of the both trains resulting to suspension of
1900: Engine driver Casey Jones died at the throttle of the Cannonball Express at Illinois Central, slowing down the train to save passengers' lives.
At least 12 people including Engine Driver and assistant driver were killed and more than 100 passengers were injured when Rawalpindi bound train Jaffar Express derailed near Aab-Gum area of Bolan on Tuesday.
20am a stationary steam engine driver at the top of the downcast shaft placed an oil filled lamp on a nail, because he needed the light to oil a pulley wheel.
It is believed the steam engine driver passed through a red signal at 75mph after failing to spot a warning sign.
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