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tr.v. en·girt (-gûrt′), en·gird·ing, en·girds Archaic
To encircle.


vb (tr)
to surround with a girdle, or as if with a girdle



v.t. -girt -gird•ed, -gird•ing.
to encircle.
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Archaic. To encircle with or as if with a band:
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In "Canada Lies within Me" (99) the poet-persona's review of the region's history becomes its own mythology which ends with the proclamation that Canada "engirds us all." It is the poet-persona's affirmation and acceptance of how each person's sense of identity is informed or fixed by what Canada means to him.
It's not difficult to imagine that Bjork's quixotic auralscapes are spawned from the icy blue Atlantic that relentlessly engirds her native Iceland.
She creates and engirds their union by placing them together, nostalgically, in New York by recalling the minutiae of their intimacy.