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1. Heraldry Indented along the edge with small curves.
2. Having an edge or a margin formed by a series of raised dots: engrailed silver coins.

[Middle English engreled, from Old French engresle, bordered by fine toothlike projections with rounded hollows between them (used of heraldic charges) , from past participle of engresler, to make thin : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + gresle, slender, tapered (from Latin gracilis).]
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(2003) and Fritsch & Wanninger (2016) recorded the expression of several Hox and ParaHox genes regulated the body plans of chitons and cephalopods, while the engrailed gene played a critical role in shell formation of gastropod shells and polyplacophorans plates (Jacobs et al., 2000; Wanninger & Haszprunar, 2001; Nederbragt et al., 2002).
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The TF paired-like homeodomain 3 has roles in developing and maintaining dopaminergic neurons [21, 22], and engrailed 1, which is downregulated in the rat models, plays a role in the apoptosis of dopaminergic neurons and the symptoms of PD [23].
Semiquantitative RT-PCR analysis confirmed the expression of LMX1-A, LMX1-B, FOXA2, ENGRAILED 1 (EN1), TH and Dopa decarboxylase (DDC), G protein-coupled inwardly rectifying potassium channel (GIRK2) from day 11, and NURR1 from day 19.
Treatment of neuroepithelial cells in precursor stage before SOX1 expression leads to formation of midbrain DA neurons with large cell bodies and a specific midbrain marker, engrailed 1 (EN1) [21].
Agrawal, (1991) discussed different types of line Ludhakti (more rhythmic curve lines), Lahardar (wave lines), Kanguredar (engrailed and invected) as Gomutrica rekha (cow shape lines).
The EHGbox cluster includes engrailed (en), motor neuron restricted (Mnx), and gastrulation brain homeobox (Gbx).
Leaded light windows to the front contain two seals from Westminster Abbey - one design exhibiting the patron St Peter with engrailed nimbus and the other depicting Edward the Confessor clad in embroidered robes.
The flag is based on the coat of arms of Edwin of Tegeingl, a former kingdom which covered most of the present county, and features a Cornish chough in each quarter of a black engrailed cross on a white background.
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Although clear stripes of engrailed expression were observed in the abdomens of P.