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tr.v. en·grained, en·grain·ing, en·grains
To ingrain.

[Middle English engreinen, to dye with cochineal or kermes, from Old French engrainer : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + graine, grain; see grain.]
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see ingrained
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Tim was "a religious man" himself; indeed, he was "a joined Methodist," which did not(be it understood) prevent him from being at the same time an engrained rascal, and he came away much posed at hearing this account of my piety.
``In peace thou shalt =not= die,'' repeated the voice; ``even in death shalt thou think on thy murders on the groans which this castle has echoed on the blood that is engrained in its floors!''
"Alexandre Manette," said Defarge in his ear, following the letters with his swart forefinger, deeply engrained with gunpowder.