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Occupying one's complete attention; wholly absorbing: read an engrossing book.

en·gross′ing·ly adv.
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in an engrossing way
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Blackbird is an engrossingly changing read that tests readers' own ability to presume innocence or guilt.
Kahlo's life and work are addressed, engrossingly, in Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving, at the Brooklyn Museum.
Different forces affect all aspects of this new country and its leader, testing both in Tom Kratman's A Pillar of Fire in the Night (9781481483568, $25.00), a vivid military sci-fi novel that readers will find engrossingly fast-paced.
Deep space war is engrossingly involved, with three expansive and varied campaigns (the Imperium's standard soldiering, hi-tech power with the Necrons, and visceral ruthlessness from the Tyranids), a slight but taxing 'layer' between missions of territory management and galactic invasion, and thrilling moment-to-moment dogfights, where the weaponry and positioning of multiple gigantic craft must be fine-tuned simultaneously.
Engrossingly, the US Dollar is more expensive than that of Chinese Yuan; the more the people of the US buy items in Dollar, the more they become expensive.
They write with such a persuasive mixture of intelligence, enthusiasm, and charm that occasional irrelevances (those seahorses) and too-long chatty passages merge into the engrossingly readable, thought-provoking whole.
Among the engrossingly disturbing details that follow Natasha's disappearance are the bloodhounds and volunteer search parties retracing her path, the Find Natasha Bell website, and the annual gatherings held on the date she went missing.
Julian Hanshaw's Cloud Hotel (Top Shelf, $19.99, 176 pages, ISBN 9781603094252) is a beautifully rendered and engrossingly weird work of autobiographical fiction inspired by the UFO that Hanshaw and his family encountered when he was a boy in Hertfordshire, England.
Or presented a modern opera as engrossingly entertaining as Kevin Puts's (music) and Mark Cambpell's (libretto) Elizabeth Cree, an ingenious mash-up of music hall, psychological thriller, and penny dreadful?' That it was staged in the Kimmel Center's 650-seat Perelman Theater rather than a 3,800-seat gilded barn certainly made the experience more involving than any of the shows presented at that (purely hypothetical, of course) Other Place.
"That little procession of four strong-limbed men and a dead, dishonoured sister, proceeding in an awful stillness within high sombre walls was the most engrossingly sad picture imaginable."
As engrossingly performed by Visek, the cycle sounds like sheer tone poetry.
Herculean effort aside (though it never sounded like one) it was an engrossingly rewarding evening, marked as much by Levit's understated virtuosity as his revealing musicianship.